After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Acquire high-quality cardiac CT scans.
  • Communicate using the standard cardiac CT terminology.
  • Identify and minimize artifacts on cardiac CT images.
  • Recognize the appearances of normal and abnormal cardiac and coronary anatomy on CT images.
  • Apply cardiac and coronary CT analytic techniques with confidence.
  • Evaluate coronary plaque morphology and stenosis severity.
  • Identify and describe congenital coronary anomalies.
  • Reduce the doses of ionising radiation during cardiac CT examinations.
  • Write and structure an exemplary cardiac CT report.
Chapter 1

General principles of CT

Jump start your journey with a chapter covering the basics of CT. Learn standard CT terminology, how a CT image is generated, and how to perform high-quality cardiac CT scans.
6 Lessons (22m 11s)
Chapter 2

CT in cardiology

Learn the ins and outs of cardiac CT. Here, you’ll learn distinguishing features of cardiac CT, how to administer contrast, select the right protocol, and evaluate image artifacts.
6 Lessons (26m 04s)