After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Perform and record a coronary angiogram.
  • Recognize the different standard views used.
  • Identify the different coronary arteries on an angiogram.
  • Identify if a significant stenosis is present and what vessels are affected.
Chapter 1

Coronary anatomy overview

This chapter covers the basics of coronary circulation and introduces you to the concept of the coronary microcirculation.
3 Lessons (13m 20s)
Chapter 2

Acquiring an image

This chapter teaches how a coronary angiogram is aquired and introduces the basic terminology used to describe different views.
2 Lessons (6m 22s)
Chapter 3

Introducing the right coronary artery

This chapter walks you through the anatomy of the right coronary artery and its branches, introducing the different views used to examine this artery.
4 Lessons (14m 17s)
Chapter 4

Introducing the left coronary artery

In this chapter, you walk through the anatomy of the left coronary artery and its branches and learn the different views used to examine this artery.
5 Lessons (22m 43s)
Chapter 5

Lesion interpretation

This chapter shows how to recognize some basic coronary artery pathology as seen on an angiogram and gives you the basic skills necessary to quantify a coronary artery stenosis.
4 Lessons (19m 56s)