After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Decide which exercise mode is appropriate for a given patient.
  • Perform the pre-test procedures for an exercise stress test.
  • Obtain an ideal set of ECG tracings for a given patient.
  • Manage ECG artifacts.
  • Identify a positive stress test.
  • Accurately and succinctly describe test results.
Chapter 2

 Recording stress ECGs—pearls and pitfalls

In this chapter you will learn how, and when, to record the ECGs, tips and tricks for obtaining optimal ECGs, and how to manage common issues that arise.
5 Lessons (21m 04s)
Chapter 3

Interpreting stress ECGs

In these lessons we will teach you how to interpret your ECGs and write clear and comprehensive reports.
4 Lessons (13m 52s)